miroslav vítovec

music clips and texts

A Witch

Your beauty has bewitched me,
Well, I´m not yours,
You´ve conguered my feelings,
My beautiful witch, don´t perform magic

You´re like fire, I´ll get burnt,
Under an avalanche of eternal dreams,
Give me a life, I´ll return,
My beautiful witch, I´m only yours

Return to Childhood

I´m tryin to penetrate a dream, that´s giving up,
I´m tryin to come round back to the deity,
Where child´s life rises

A feeling of suffering may appear to be a short while,
Someone´s creation, me inside it, he likes to play inside mine,

Life, birth, littleness of a habit that fills my tears,
A vision of immortalization, sharp bark, me inside it, it happens sometimes

A dam doesn´t change, a touch of palms hiding their hatred,
I can see it, coming down to earth, a delightful will revealing a child´s face to you

A Feeling

What´s that waiting for,
There´s no confession here,
Without big fires,
So easily to be quenched by your tears...

To be able to see in imagination
There´s no cognition here,
To walk in illusions,
It´s always so easy to return...

I´m standin here in my overshoes,
All are waitin for me to set out,
In the arch, I can see
Who can speak without words

A feeling full of hope,
There´s no disappointment here,
However, without other lives,
You can´t dream

An Impatient Fellow

How many steps to heaven so I can go up,
How many steps to hell I can burn,
What time to finish my life without losing time,
What time will this feeling turn into a voice,

I´m flyin and feelin only a laughter,
I´m somewhere there, in what I don´t believe,
It´s all changing , I would like to live again,
To hover, to know that it´ll never end

To know that I´m not here, nevertheless, being here,
Charged with rain and not being able to drink,
And yet, I feel good, living in thoughts,
Try to take a breath in

The life

I´m running along a path that cuts in halves only once,
I can see a stone I´m not able to lift up,
That´s me, forcing himself only to lie down,
I cannot count where to start and what to sit down with

I´m watching my hands, now I can see a little bit of happiness there,
Lying on sorrow, now I´m tryin to find better,
A vital intake of breath, now it´s bein stabbed with a lie,
I can´t force tears

I´m runnin along a path that cuts in halves only once,
I can see the life that I can´t go along with,
I´m runnin and tryin to overtake
Somethin that doesn´t exist, that I could lift up

Bewail of the talented